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A sweet moon jar - style vessel

Measures 7 in H x 7 in D (17.6 cm x 17.6 cm)

Primary colors are Black, shades of Brown, White and Grey. This jar has an ornamental leaf design at the top.

Each ceramic item is handmade by Page Kelly, in her one woman studio located in Montana, USA

This jar was thrown on the wheel with recycled cone 6 clays, with applied oxides and underglaze washes, underglaze transfers, cone 6 porcelain slip, and a black interior glaze and a clear exterior glaze. It is fired in an electric kiln fueled by the sun. (I'm solar baby!!)

This item will hold water, and is food, dishwasher, oven safe.

This item will ship from my studio to you using as many recycled resources as I currently have available.

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Urban Decay Moon Jar - UDMJ005

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