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Periscoping with a Six (6!!) year-old

Well, folks, that was distracting!! But I sure appreciate those that popped by to see the results of the first glaze kiln for the Ol'Workhorse.

Here's a rundown:

The cone packs, left to right are Top, Middle, and Bottom. Looks like the kiln is firing pretty evenly, and my 45 minute soak at 2160°F was just a tad too long. Cones left to right are 7,6,5,4.

Nice that the old cone packs are doing their thing, though!

Here are the glaze tests that were horizontal. Starting top left and going clockwise are Alabaster over SCMWarm, SCMWarm over Alabaster, Alabaster, Gun Metal Green, Alabaster over SCMCool, and SCM Cool over Alabaster. All glazes are Coyote, except the SCM's which I mix myself from Steven Hill's recipe.

All 22 bowls came out frosty and lovely, I will get good photos of them before and during the decal process which is up next!

This bowl is the one that I was looking for during the 'Scope that had the Red Iron Oxide painted on the surface under the glaze. Does not show through at all. I'm going to decal it anyway and see if it shows up in the third firing.

My thanks again for those who came by to hold my hand through the kiln opening, turns out it was more nerve-wracking having the six-year-old in the room! She's super cute, super smart and I adore her, but she sure can be an attention hog! (seriously, if you haven't seen "Curly" in action, click the link). Also, my phone wouldn't let me stop the broadcast, so I had to shut it down. Technical difficulties, for sure.

Speaking of which, I have a ticket into the Wix folks to see what can be done to get the comment box working. Thanks for being patient.

Edited to Add: My goodness, talk about distracted! I forgot to put the link to the broadcast in. Here it is!

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