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Decals and Periscope #fail

This morning my sweet curly girl was just too snotty to go to school. There is so much flu and other crud going around, I felt pretty happy keeping her home today.

Besides, I needed the time to apply the botanical decals to my bowls. Really want to get those fired and out the door! So after a few interruptions, I got Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos going on the television, and while Neil showed his mad baby-sitting skilz, I wandered to my studio with my phone, my tablet, my tripod and my decals.

Here's the first of the periscopes I did today:

Let's just say, I am working out my work flow - trying to give the best perspective of the work I'm showing, but also trying to have the best possible interaction with the folks kind enough to view my 'Scope and comment. I've got some room to improve.

And of course, I always think of things later that I wanted to say. Which, is in part, why I started this blog. I wanted to be able to leave a record of what happened, what I hope people got from the experience and in cases like today, explain that while I am not technically ignorant, I do seem to be technically inept.

I feel pretty comfortable saying that my phone is really at fault.

The second periscope, which I was getting very excited about, lots of folks coming in, conversation that I was mostly keeping up with. Then all of a sudden.... nothing. No hearts, no comments, it looked like an empty room. Except, to me it looked like there were 9 people watching, but not saying anything. When that never changed I started to get suspicious.

So I finished my 'Scope, and I had to power off my phone to end the broadcast. Powered back up, and it looked to me like my broadcast had somehow gotten hung up and the broadcast was unwatchable. Bummer.

Now, I'm the kind of person who gets easily distracted, and I'm also kind of naturally a troubleshooter. So as I'm messing around trying to figure out what happened and what to do, I realize my phone had saved the video in full on my sd card. Yay! I uploaded that to my Google Drive and tried to get back to work. But I couldn't focus, I had to get that video posted to my Facebook page. No kidding, the second that it loaded up, the video post from showed up! Somehow the whole thing cleared and posted, so here we are:

I am happy to report that I got all but four bowls completed, and I'll get the rest done tomorrow. Firing on Saturday. And now for a bit of a confession. This is how I actually hold the bowls when I apply the decals. Cheers!

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