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New Studio Renovations

I wish I could come up with nifty titles for my blog posts. Tony Clennell is the master of blog titles.

As you may have guessed, I wanted to update you on the progress of getting the new/old studio renovated. We are struggling with how to insulate the garage door, to get me through the winter with the lowest electrical bill possible. Anything we do will be a temporary situation, until next spring when we will be taking the door out and installing a wall with windows. I have yet to decide if I'm going to also install a roll-up door for easy access and transport of heavy clay boxes when I put in the new wall.

Over the course of the last month or so, I loaded up my Prius with all my tools, and built a new window rough opening for the side of the building that gets the most light. I also build an attic access so that we would be able to blow insulation into the space.

Then we had the insulation guys in to foam the walls. They also added what are called "proper vents" which are pieces of cardboard between the trusses. This will allow me to cut eave vents so there is air flow in the attic to prevent condensation and all the issues that causes - mold, rot, etc. Also, the insulation won't blow out.

We've been super lucky with the scheduling of our sub-contractors, and our sheetrock hanger was able to show up and get the rock installed right-away. The insulation guys also came right back and blew-in the attic.

And this last week since Wednesday, our tape and texture contractor has been working away in the house and studio. Similar work has been ongoing inside the house as well, fixing damages that happened over the winter while this lovely little home sat vacant. We are excited to bring her new life!

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