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Page Kelly, Maker

Page Kelly is the ceramic artist and maker of the handmade wheel thrown pottery of Zephyr Valley Ceramics. The studio is a one woman business located south of Helena, Montana.​Page was first introduced to clay early in grade school and then again in the late 1980's during a summer spent as a nanny for a family of production potters. Later, after returning to Montana in 2002, Page began taking community classes at the Archie Bray Foundation, and in 2007 started a regular studio practice.

Today, Page is a nationally exhibiting artist who continues to perfect her ceramic practice , exploring new techniques to create new work as her vision continues to evolve. 

Page Kelly Piccolo

Artist Statement

I am motivated by the visual tension between organic textures and refined imagery or form. I am personally drawn to pieces that engage my senses on multiple levels.  

In creating my new body of work, I find that climate change and our current political environment compel me to explore what ceramics might look like if they were abandoned. What does Urban Decay look like in 100 years? 500? If a family had to suddenly leave their home due to an epic storm or political strife, how would the environment interact with the ceramics in the space?

​I work primarily in Cone 6 stoneware, and fire in an electric kiln in an oxidation atmosphere.

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