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Sculptural Vessel - Climate Change is an homage to the form of an ancient Greek/Roman pot called a Dinos and Holmos. The sculpture itself is two separate but integrated parts. The bottom piece is the stand upon which the top piece sits. The stand is thrown in three parts with no bottoms, and assembled into one hollow bottomless piece. It cradles the vessel which historically may have held food, water or wine. For modern use it may do these things (the glaze is food safe!) or serve as a lovely vase, but I also think it's a beautiful structure on its own.

I was initially inspired by a picture shared by potter Tom Turner on social media. As a person who studied history with a focus on the Attic and Classical eras, I've long been inspired by the forms from this period but this particular piece was a form I had not seen before.

This specific series, "Climate Change" references the issue of humanities impact on our planet. The form speaks to humanity and the beauty we are capable of. The finish references what I imagine a piece might look like in hundreds of years after humanity is gone an Nature has reclaimed her home. 

The details of this piece:


17 7/8 inches tall when stacked.

8 inches largest diameter of the base.

7 7/8 inches largest diameter of the vessel.

11.6 lbs total weight


Sculptural Vessel - Climate Change - SVCC001

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