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This is a curated list of books and other clay/ceramics related products that are included in the Resource Guides. These are affiliate links and if you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I may, at no additional cost to you, make a commission.

Beginning Potter

Beginner’s Guide to Hand Building, Sunshine Cobb:

Mastering the Potter's Wheel: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks for Potters, Ben Carter:

Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots:

Wheel-Thrown Pottery (DIY): An Illustrated Guide of Basic Techniques from the Hit DIY Show Throwing Clay, Bill van Gilder:

Surface Design

Naked Clay, Jane Perryman:


Surface Design for Ceramics, Maureen Mills:


Ceramics with Mixed Media, Joy Bosworth:


Decorating Techniques, Joaquim Chavarria:


Making Marks, Robin Hopper:


Image Transfer on Clay, Paul Andrew Wandless:

Advanced Skills

Throwing Large, Nic Collins:


Creative Pottery, Deb Schwartzkopf:


Ceramic Art Innovative Techniques, Anderson Turner:


Throwing & Handbuilding Forming Techniques, Anderson Turner:


The Penland Book of Ceramics Master Classes, Lark Books:


From Mud to Music, Barry Hall:

Clay Sculpture

Paper Clay, Rosette Gault:


Modeling the Head in Clay, Bruno Lucchesi:


Modeling the Figure in Clay, Bruno Lucchesi:


The Portrait in Clay, Peter Rubino:


The Figure in Clay, Lark Books:


Artistic Anatomy, Dr. Paul Richer:


Human Anatomy for Artists, Eliot Goldfinger:

Lark Books 500 Series

All of these are from the Lark Books 500 Series. There is no author, but the publishing company acted as editor and there is an independent juror. That Juror is mentioned here.


Tom Coleman, 500 Cups: Ceramic Explorations of Utility & Grace:


Julia Galloway, 500 Vases: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Form:


Terry Gess, 500 Pitchers: Contemporary Expressions of a Classic Form:


Kathy Triplett, 500 Teapots:Contemporary Exploration of a Timeless Design:


Jim Lawton, 500 Teapots Volume 2:


John Britt, 500 Bowls: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design:


Linda Arbuckle, 500 Plates & Chargers: Innovative Expressions of Function & Styles:


Angelica Pozo, 500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work:


Paul Andrew Wandless, 500 Prints on Clay:


Leslie Ferrin, 500 Figures in Clay: Ceramic Artists Celebrate the Human Form:


Glen R. Brown, 500 Ceramic Sculptures: Contemporary Practice, Singular Works:

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