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Waxing feet, and waxing a bit Philosophical

Today I waxed some pots, got the wine cups ready and showed a bit of Emilia's work in progress. My daughter, Emilia, is six years old, and very sassy. She's a natural performer, and she loves to be involved in everything. Seriously, this kid has one of the worst cases of FOMS (Fear-Of-Missing-Something) I've ever seen.

So I showed her how to use the slab roller, which she can do with very little help from me, and she is now producing these amazing trinket dishes. The deal is this: For every one of her dishes that I sell, I will put 50% of the sale price into her savings account for her future. She can then spend the money on college, or a European tour, or whatever, when she's 18.

Here's the philosophy part. She loves to be a part of my broadcasts on Periscope, and wants to be in the middle of it all (natural performer, remember). So I am thinking about doing a special 'Scope with her as the demonstrator of how she makes the dishes. The ethical issue is this: Am I pimping out my kid? Is it okay for a six year old to be on Periscope? Mostly, I think it's okay, because we have a great community, and I will definitely restrict comments (yes, she can read), and she would absolutely love it. I would love to hear your feedback, either in the comments here or on my Facebook page here.

There's something else I've been pondering.

It's challenging to run a broadcast on Periscope when your audience is barely interactive, or there's no one there at all. I admit, I have no where near the star power of Papa Periscope and Mr. Field. And let's face it, the Lisa and Alex LaPella show is pretty entertaining. In fact, there are many potters that are so successfully using this platform, that I wonder what the hell I've missed! I understand the need to build your audience over time, however, I sense that there is something that I can do to help build that connection. I am open to suggestions, thinking about changing my format, I dunno. In any case, again, please feel free to leave comments below or hit up my FB page.

And seriously, my kid is super cute, and spreads love and friendship wherever she goes. Here's a picture of the waxed feet:

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