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Holiday Show Season

It's nearly Halloween already, and I've been busy in the studio learning how to make silicone and plaster molds. I've been sharing those adventures online on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, and I am here to tell you, it really has been an adventure.

I also have been taking a photography class just for potters, which has been another interesting challenge. If you are curious about a class like that, check out @themakersplaybook on Instagram.

And as the holidays swiftly approach, I am super excited to announce that my work has been accepted into three Holiday Shows at three of my favorite places! I have the locations and opening dates listed on my Home page. I am so humbled and grateful that my new body of work is being so well received.♥

Keep your eye out for those shows, and for new work to get updated to my online shop. My hope is my adventures in gaining new skill sets will further expand my ceramic offerings, and that you'll find something you love.

Also! Please check out all the social media options at the bottom of the page. When you see my posts no matter the platform, please be sure to Like, Comment and Follow (or Subscribe)! This really helps keep my content in your feed, but also helps me reach others that might be interested in the work I do. And best of all it's a super kind way to support your favorite artist (me!) for free!


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