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Katch me if you can!

I have gotten a touch behind on my blog posts, I want to share with you that you can find most of my Periscope broadcasts that I've done on my site, which is here. The awesome thing about this free website app is that is is a storage place for periscopes and has some connection to Twitter, but I'm unclear on all of that.

My favorite recent scope is this one, where I show my slab drop tray process of compartmentalizing. I also have a couple others in progress with the fabric texture.

I've had some great successes with my recent tests, and I've been extremely excited about the results. I'm heading off into a new direction with this work, I find the tactile aspect of the work very compelling. Expect to see more of this line of work from me in the near future. The kiln opening broadcast is here and here - because decals take time!

I was also very happy with the botanical cups that came out of the kiln, the big surprise was that the boutique in Bozeman that carries my work, wanted them all! That's an ego boost for sure.

And last but not least, there were several damask cups I threw into the mix, and I like them. I will be playing with them a bit more, as well.

So I promised better pictures, I hope this helps to show you the current work that's been coming out of my kiln. The decals came out a little strong yet, I will be ramping up the temperature on the next decal firing. I want more of a subtle color to go with the textile work, and on the plates, there's a sense of antique barnwood that I think a softer color of decal will suit to a 'T'.

Please leave comments below, or on my Facebook page, and if you are interested in pre-ordering some pots, find what you like in my Etsy shop.

Also, if you are interested in hearing about upcoming events, please go to the Home page of this website and Subscribe! Thanks!!

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