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All things in Moderation

I've never been good at moderation. I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl. Learning balance and moderation is, I think, my life's lesson. That is, if there is a lesson to be learned.

I'm a workaholic, I don't relax easily. This summer, I've found that the thought and preparation for taking time off to spend with family and friends is very stressful. Once I finally get there, I do okay, and I swear, I only thought about my To-Do list a couple of times.

One of the things that's been cluttering up my mental space is my office. I spend a fair amount of time there. I work on my photography, whether for decals or for listing pots on Etsy. I do other graphic design for my website, social media, blogging, marketing, applying for shows, etc. I print labels for shipping.

My previous home had a large office for which I had great plans, but never got to it because we quickly decided it was too much house for us. Previous to that, I had my dream office, floor to ceiling book cases, and I even had all my books and my ceramics collection unpacked.

I've discovered that living in this in-between space is mentally challenging and creative-juice-sucking. I really need to get some bookshelves installed in my new space, even though it's a tiny room. I mentally and emotionally need to have access to my books (especially that John Britt glaze book I bought just before we moved - two moves ago!!). I want to fondle and ponder my ceramics collection. But before any of that could happen, I had to put my tiny temporary desk (bought it in 2009) back together after the movers had managed to mangle it, and the space desperately needed a new light fixture - two bulbs hanging from the ceiling were not cutting it. And OY! I had to find a way to put things away in a room that didn't have anywhere to put things in to or away in. It's taken two days, but I'm happy to report that I've gone from a room that looked like there was an explosion to something that looks a bit neater, if not a bit Spartan. (All or Nothing, gads.)

I'll have to figure out how to blend all the work that I have to do, with the work that I want to do, along with family time and the demands of household repairs/maintenance. I know this is not something that I'm alone with struggling with. I'm hoping having a semi-organized if not inspiring office is a good first step. Balance is not in my nature, but at least I think I can identify what that's supposed to look like. Maybe. All work and no play makes Page a dull girl, but she's working on it! (hahaha!)

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