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"Riding the Dragon"

For those of you following, my previous blog post went viral. The title of this piece is a comment I made about the experience. I have tried to moderate what is being said and what the facts are as I understand them, and I'd like to line them out here:

In March I did a Periscope broadcast and a corresponding blog post to fill in the spaces. I had been asked by several of my followers to show how I apply decals to my pots. Shortly after I was contacted by the patent holder. Please read the last (edited) blog post for content of that email.

At the end of July my attorney advised me to take down all content "We need your client to remove the infringing posts (including the YouTube video). If Ms. Piccolo wishes to post the updated/revised Bel instructions, she can make no mention of sepia, black-only laser toner or iron oxide decals." I took down the posts.

An image to make the post a little more interesting!

It started to nag me and I started to do some research. That all lead to the previous post.

My attorney has since been contacted by the patent holder's attorney, demanding I remove the post. We asked what their specific concerns were with my post - after all, I had only shared public content and some of my own observations. It is not my goal to personally attack anyone, I simply want to warn other potters of potential risk. I have edited that post.

So let me say this. It is not my goal to harass the patent holder. I appreciate everyone's support, more than I can express, but I do not want you to engage with her online. Be civil! As I said in several online posts - love you potters, but DO NOT HARASS the woman. Do whatever you feel you must when making your business decisions about who you want to support, but do not become an online troll. THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!

I have been encouraged by members of the community to start a fundraising campaign to help pay for legal fees. I decided to do that. I am raising money to pay for my legal fees and will ultimately donate any extra after my fees are paid to the American Ceramic Society who has an ongoing litigation with the patent holder.

Please help if you can, share if you can, and most of all, continue to be the amazing uplifting, sharing and caring community that you are. This is the link to the fundraiser.

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