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To be Loved

Originally Published: 2022/03/29

I feel so incredibly grateful to all of the women who have surrounded me in care and comfort this last week.

Last December, I made the decision. I texted my sister outlaw, "Sooooo... if I were to have a medical procedure done next year, would you be able to come live with us for a week or so?" and almost immediately, I received a "YES" followed by an "Absolutely." It was an easy choice on my part, I knew she had some flexibility, and that she and my kid have a deep bond. I knew that would allow me the space I would need to focus on healing, and that the kid would feel safe.

Turns out the timing of things fell together beautifully. It really was true that meds were no longer cutting it and my physician agreed that surgery was a good option. And not only that, it could happen during spring break. The tasks at work were pretty well taken care of or could be handled by others while I was out.

So last Friday as I walked into the hospital with my SOL, I was greeted by Megan who was there to prep me and take care of me before and after the procedure. My female physician was also my surgeon and came to speak to me before and was solid and kind as always. The anesthesiologist came by and asked great questions and gave great answers and my SOL and I winked at each other, knowing I was going to be very safe in her care. The OR nurse that wheeled me in as we joked about how cold it was and I asked her if she wore long johns. And before I knew it, I was waking up, back in my room, Megan and Cherie making sure I was comfortable and getting enough oxygen and pain meds. I wish I'd caught the name of the nurse that helped discharge me, she was so great with my kid who wanted to drive my wheelchair out to the curb.

And my list simply goes on. Any of my friends who were in the know have been checking in on me, making sure I'm okay, reassuring me they are only a call or text away, cheering me on in my progress toward strength and health. To all of you, and you know who you are, I feel so blessed. I feel appreciated and loved. I feel valued.

Thank you.


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