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Originally Published: 2022/02/13

One of the ways I describe myself is that I am a clay fangirl. The first time I met Julia Galloway I made a bit of a fool of myself. I even got her autograph! I've also been so lucky to meet other clay heroines, Adrian Arleo, Beth Lo, Sarah Jaeger. And there are so many more. I'm inspired both by the work they make, their generosity of spirit, and frankly, that they have been able to sustain long careers in clay.

I get inspired in clay in many different ways. For me, sometimes it's the way something feels. The surface may be smooth or rough, the glaze might pull me in, or the marks the atmosphere left might stun. Historical pots from the Mediterranean, Asia, and sometimes even England are a great source of inspiration.

My garden is a source of inspiration. The colors and textures constantly amaze me.

I think that it's impossible to be exposed to the work of others, heroes and history, and not see flickers of those things in your own work as you try new techniques, explore your own voice. But that's the thing, isn't it? Inspiration must eventually become something that is truly your own.

I've been exploring, listening to my inner voice and following the things that thrill me. It's been a fun, if slow, adventure. Soon I'll share with you the results of that work, and share my inspiration and sources.

Tell me, what inspires you? Do your inspirations also motivate you?


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