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Zephyr Valley Ceramics Rides Again

Originally Published: 2022/01/14 at 5:12 pm

I took down this website in 2019, as I was moving out of one home and into another. Knowing I wasn't going to have a dedicated studio space and that my studio was essentially getting boxed up and put into storage. It didn't make sense to me to keep a website up that represented work that I wasn't currently making.

At the time I had chosen to exchange parenthood needs over artist needs. The new home was significantly closer to the town all of my daughter's activities occurred in. The roads were moderately in better condition, and driving one or both ways in a blizzard would be less stressful and safer. The house itself was larger and had more playable outdoor space and I could finally have the garden I had been long dreaming of.

Seriously, who wouldn't want this garden?

What I hadn't really anticipated was how six months after moving in, the pandemic would change our lives. The energy that I had shifted into being super mom suddenly became the energy I needed to make decisions and take actions to keep my family safe. (Perhaps more on that another time.)

But eventually, things settled. Big life decisions were made, and suddenly I was the sole owner and financially responsible person for myself and my kid and my house and my life. And I had a garage that I could do whatever I wanted with. Hello Garagio!!

So here I am, down the road a ways, making, once again. And I'm here to tell you, I have never been happier.

So here's to big life changes and the happiness those things can bring, if we choose them. Happiest of Happy New Years, my friends. May you be blessed with all the things you need and mostly, may you be blessed with happiness.


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