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A few weeks ago, Michael Kline and Adam Field some how managed to get the attention of a whole bunch of potters and ceramic artists. That attention was focused on a new cell phone app called Periscope. This really incredible bit of tech allows for a studio potter like myself to connect via "Broadcast" to other potters across the country and around the world. Adriana Christianson then created a #PottersOfPeriscope for Facebook group which has allowed us to continue the conversation, or let other folks know that a planned 'Scope is coming up.

So, here's the catch.... okay, maybe there's a couple. The first catch is that these broadcasts only last 24 hours on the Periscope site. Then they're POOF! gone. Another app - is "catching" the broadcasts of those that choose to sign up with them and they save them. I will, hopefully, be sharing those here. The second catch is the trolls and sex bots that are zero fun to deal with. These I will either choose to willfully ignore, OR I will leave the comments open only to those I "follow" on Periscope. Before each 'Scope and after, I go in and look at all the folks that popped in to view the previous broadcast and if you are clearly a nice person, I will follow you so you can communicate with me while I am broadcasting. My handle is @ZephyrValley. Deal? Deal.

For your viewing pleasure.... The scope today was of me loading my kiln for the first time in my new studio. I've had the kiln since 2007, but I recently built a new home and studio, and this is the first glaze firing in the new space. Wish me luck!!

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