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Decal Success!

Whoot!! Pretty successful couple of days finishing up the bowls through their decal firing process.

I broadcasted a 'Scope yesterday, showing how I check my pots for bubbles or weird random issues, and I also noticed that I was having some continued technical difficulties. For any of you that have been catching my live scopes, please know that I am not ignoring you! It appears that comments and other interactive aspects of periscope are not functioning well on my phone. Happy to report, that will be fixed soon!

My, oh my, but my kiln is running better than she ever has. I will never ever never put her in a small room again. It didn't matter how much outside air I was bringing in, she still ran hot. Now that she's in a big room with an awesome Vent-A-Kiln fume hood - Yowza! Fast, quiet and the whole room temperature stays level. Seriously, I started that kiln at 66°F, cracked the window and the thermometer did not move the entire firing. Beautiful!

This morning I broadcasted another 'Scope, unloaded the kiln, and showed off my collection of sanding tools. I also told you about Martha Grover's amazing buttery bottoms, and Jeff Compana's cool sanding set up. If you are going to NCECA this week, track down Martha's pots. Seriously, pick them up and feel them. Yummy. She's also on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.

I have the link to Jeff's post from 2012 here. The finish on his pots is glassy and smooth. Truly awesome. He is also on Etsy.

I will be sending most of this load to Cello in Bozeman, MT. However, it looks like I will have about four of the dill and four of the dandelion to post to my Etsy shop. I'll be listing them soon!

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