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Wine Cups! Wine Cup Feet!

My recent round of work has been focused on the ever popular wine cup. This cup form is one that I have always liked, but for some reason, quit making. Mostly, I think I simply didn't dig the glaze. The cups below are circa 2008.

As you will hear in my Periscope videos, my friend Gary (aka SleepyRooster) and I were partying and visiting, and he was drinking out of one of those cups - I liked them enough to keep a couple - and he told me that he thought that I should start making them again. Gary has been a friend for a long time, and he's a serious clay guy, so I trust his instinct.

I had been making the yunomi/tea bowl shape for a while at that point and thought that I could improve on the the form with the yunomi foot. So I made a bunch, with that foot, and they were very well received.

As popular as these have been, I feel compelled to mix things up a bit. The foot on the original version just adds a little *something* to the user experience. I think when I originally revisited this form, I simply didn't want to go to the work of throwing and assembling the two separate pieces. But now that I know that the final result gives that extra special experience, I very happily sat down to the task over the last couple of weeks.

Here's the links to the Periscopes, hope you enjoy.

And as a side note, it seemed to take a very long time for the pots to dry, and as I write this it was about 14 days ago that this process started, and the cups along with some plates, little trinket dishes, and some of Emilia's cool creations are in the bisque kiln now, as I write. Not a fast process, but I think the results will be worth it!

If you really love these and want to preorder, please click here for the dill cups and here for the dandelion cups. Thank you!

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