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Change is in the Wind

Hello and Happy (almost) Autumn!

With cooler temperatures in the forecast there is some relief in sight for all of the forest fires that have been so active this summer. I’m not yet ready for snow, but I am definitely ready for blue skies and breathable outdoor air!

I have pots that are available at my studio, in my Etsy shop, at the brick and mortars that are listed on my website, so if you are in need of a Zephyr Valley piece, for a gift or for yourself, they are as easy as ever to find. Having said that, I am writing this to let all my amazing supporters, collectors, friends and family know that I have decided to take a sabbatical. This last weekend’s kiln load was my last firing for the year. I will not be doing any art walks or other shows for the time being.

Some exciting news I’d like to share is that I’ve begun coursework in Information Technology with the goal of getting a BS in Web Development & Design or IT Management. I hope to be able to help the folks in the ceramic community keep on top of changes in technology, and I find that I am more and more concerned about environmental and social justice issues and I want to have a part in creating a brighter future.

As always, you are welcome to come by the studio to do a little shopping. You can contact me by email or Facebook or text to make a date. I’ll be very happy to see you!

Wishing you all the very best always,


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